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The Dagger of Melchior

Memento Mori.

Hello, welcome to my personal website! Call me Melchior (they/any pronouns).

I am a 20-some year old anthropology/religious studies student. My interets include: religion (obviously), theory, and philosophy; writing, reading, and flights of fancy; and, finally, video games (mostly older), movies, and, more recently, web design. Admittedly, I am new to HTML/CSS, so please forgive me for any shoddy programming.

I am using this site as a vehicle to explore my hobbies. For now, the only accessible features include the Home, Diary, and Games tab.

In any case, I hope you enjoy your stay on this site!

DISCLAMER:Site contains autoplaying music. Some parts of this site may be considered violent or cruel.

I Love Heather Mason! Mira! And Alessa too!