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Lisa fanart.


"I want to be an actress. But mom was a nurse, and her mom was a nurse...So I'm going to be a nurse."

art by paxpaxpacific

lisa garland tribute room

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welcome to the lisa garland tribute room!

lisa garland is a character from the silent hill franchise. she grew up in the eponymous town, attending midwich elementary school as a child. as a young adult, lisa frequented the local artaud theater, yearning to one day become a famous actress. instead of pursuing her ambition of theatrical stardom, she decided—much to the satisfaction of her mother and grandmother—to continue the family profession: nursing. lisa worked as a trainee nurse at alchemilla hospital under the supervision of dr. michael kaufmann, eventually becoming a full-time staffer.


those seven years at alchemilla were not kind to her. according to many, lisa began exhibiting odd, erratic behaviors, as if something had disturbed her deeply. her moods were mercurial. when others weren't looking, she'd desperately imbibe bottles of white liquid. their contents...who knows.


at last, matthew, lisa's boyfriend, came to town to release lisa from whatever restrained her. both were never heard from again. it's strange, but this is hardly the first case of people going missing in this town...

Menhera background. Lisa smiling